Scottish party-slam legends (and stuff of nightmares) Party Cannon are a band that never run out of ideas. Selling themselves as conceptually idiotic, musically gifted, legends of partying, and the band with the best logo in death metal, Party Cannon pay less-than-subtle homage to their influences with new single 'I Believe in Dani Filth'.

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Commenting on the music video, Cradle of Filth fanatic, Dani Filth number-one fan, and bassist Clankenstein states, “We are going where no slamming death metal band has gone before - the 16-bit realm. Party Slam has been challenged and only one man is capable of defeating us, clearly that man is Dani Filth. Like most unremarkable men in their late twenties, we are obsessed with old school video games and feel we've managed to work that into our music in a cool and unique way with this video. The video was animated by our good friends Bailey Junior and Colin MacGregor Make Over at Scapegoat.TV and is laden with Easter eggs and Party Slam lore."

Continuing on the inspiration of the song, Clankenstein explains, "This track is one of the most intense songs we have ever written and definitely showcases our love for early 2000s brutal death metal with lots of nods (read: plagiarised riffs) to bands like Deeds of Flesh, Gorgasm and Disavowed while still cramming in as many horrendous noises and IQ-lowering slam riffs as possible. Expect relentless blasting, pinch harmonics, and sounds no human should ever even consider making."

Forthcoming album Volumes Of Vomit offers up nine chunks of IQ-lowering, slamming sickness, mass-gaining gym riffs, irresponsibly fast blastbeats, and the swampiest gutturals known to mankind and in true Party Cannon over-the-top style, is not your normal death metal album. This is fully fledged party slam at its most unhinged.

Produced by Jörg Uken (Defeated Sanity, Sinister, Anvil, Despondency) at Soundlodge Studios, Volumes Of Vomit delivers the most brutal sound of the band’s career. Raw, live and crushing, you’ll feel like you’re actually in the room with these terrible people - who brought in their well-known guttural friends Ross Sewage (Exhumed), Don Campan (Waking The Cadaver) and Andrew Lomastro (Cerebral Incubation) to assist in the madness.

The album cover and sleeve collages were handled by Jan Grotle of FLUIDS and Cochino Art.

Hailing from Dunfermline, Scotland and signed to Gore House Productions, Party Cannon have subjected a large portion of the planet to their partying having frequently toured the UK, Europe, North America and Asia. Making waves since their inception in 2010, their debut EP Partied In Half is now considered an iconic release within the slam death metal scene.

Famously, Party Cannon's multicolour party balloon not only stands out against frosty-branched-logo-bands wherever it appears on gig posters, but regularly pops up globally. Make no mistake, Party Cannon know how to stand out.

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