In an era marked by the unexpected, Portuguese progressive black metal band Aoidos hits hard with their latest release, "Black Swan". The compelling single offers a sonic exploration of the psychological impact of unpredicted, world-altering events – a timely reflection on the global toll of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking candidly about the creative process behind "Black Swan", Aoidos' vocalist and guitarist, João Freitas, explained how their unique sound is forged. "The creative process in Aoidos usually starts with guitar riffs that I come up with. Our sound aims to merge the aggression and groove of Death/Prog metal with the emotional melodies and ambiences of Black Metal. 'Black Swan' is the closest of our singles to the Death/Prog influences, while still retaining the open chords and tremolo picked melodies that made me fall in love with Black Metal."

The primary theme of their forthcoming album revolves around mental health issues, particularly anxiety and depression, topics that hold immense significance for the band. "In each song, we explore various aspects of these issues through the music and the lyrics," Freitas shared. "The Black Swan is inspired by the theory of 'black swan events', surprising occurrences with a major and often devastating effect. After experiencing the greatest black swan in recent history in the form of Covid-19, I chose to focus on the effects of this crisis on the human psyche."

This release not only marks Aoidos' impressive musical prowess but also their evolution as artists. "This single is the consequence of years of practice, not only as a musician but as a producer and mixer, since the song was both written and mixed by me. But its quality really shined with the helping hand of João Dourado, from Golden Jack Studios, in the mastering phase," remarked Freitas, who also shared that "Black Swan" has become the new benchmark for all future Aoidos releases.

As fans and newcomers alike immerse themselves in the evocative strains of "Black Swan", Freitas voiced his hopes for listeners to connect with the song on a deeper level. "We want people to relate to the lyrics, to the angst and powerlessness when faced with the world's need for money. It's time we took care of ourselves, mentally especially, and to stop living for economic and financial whims and to take charge of our lives. That's, ultimately, what this song is about."

"Black Swan" has already begun making waves, with the music video surpassing 2000 views – a major milestone for the band. The passionate energy and emotional depth of Aoidos' music invites listeners to reflect on societal pressures and mental health in the face of unexpected life-altering events. It's a testament to the band's commitment to producing meaningful music, and a clear indicator of their growing potential on the global metal stage.

Aoidos, comprising João Freitas, EkID, and Pedro Miguel, continues to be a force to be reckoned with, bridging musical complexity with profound thematic exploration. Their latest release is not just a song but a profound reflection of an era marked by turbulence and resilience, making "Black Swan" a must-listen for fans of progressive black metal and music enthusiasts in general.

Supporting Aoidos means amplifying a message that is both poignant and necessary in these unprecedented times. Their music, as showcased in "Black Swan", is a powerful reminder of the human spirit's ability to confront, understand, and ultimately endure the unexpected and profound changes that life throws our way.

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