Germany based trio Order 69 delivers ten songs that are like the inherited warm coat in which you feel comfortable and at home not although, but precisely because it scratches: with the sounds of the particularly great and experimental times of British Rock'n'Roll. You get caught up in this music and don't want to go out again.

The sometimes demanding distorted bass and the virtuoso drums pump confidently and powerfully through the songs. Together with guitar riffs, bubbling sweeping like lava, which you just have to get too close to because it's so nice and hot. They form the fertile foundation for the vocals.

The voices of the Order 69 convey the clever lyrics with the casual anger, the sonic megalomania, but also the youthful delicacy, which turn personal experiences into profound insights, questions about answers, perplexity into knowledge. And also exactly the other way around. This is what distinguishes real music from calculated tralalala.

The sound and the space of the songs fit in with this: everything recorded on tape in analogue, real sounds instead of digital cheating, but never antiquated. Music for tomorrow.

The band released for the song Fire and Fuel a music video.

Music Video

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