After the official premiere by Clash Music earlier today, here's the official release of the new video for Kim Janssen's 'Gouldians'. Directed by Wouter Stoter, it shows a 6-second time frame repeated 18 times from different angles. Hence the line - a single moment seen from different angles - at the beginning of the video.

'Gouldians' is on the recently released album 'Cousins'. It's a pop album, swinging in tone from dark to blinding technicolor, with glossy synths, huge orchestral arrangements and Kim's vocal - at times a Bill Callahan-esque croon, at times a soaring falsetto. Dark strings and steel swells surround hushed ballads and bursts of maximalist pop.

Recorded across three years and several studios, the album features contributions from Marla Hansen (Sufjan Stevens, The National) and Eiríkur Orri Ólafsson (Sigur Rós) and was mixed by Chris Coady (Beach house, Future Islands) and mastered by Greg Calbi (Blood on the Tracks, Graceland).

Watch the full video here:

Make sure to let us know when you're sharing the video and if there's anything we could do together around the video and/or album release!

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