Rapidly rising alternative metal quintet October Ends further certifies its already impressively vigorous positive career gradation with the group’s brand new single – “Lost” (as the track is already featured on multiple Spotify official playlists, such as Metal UK, New Metal Tracks, New Core and more in less than 24 hours of its release). A composition comprised by a blistering pace and a monumental climax that explodes around the listener in a flurry of brooding arrangements, meandering lead-riffs, colossal breakdowns and memorable, rousing, sing-along choruses, that are equal parts melodic and heavy and provide some excellent respite from all the chaos caused by the frenzied screaming, “Lost” is the perfect epitome of a honed sound that imbues the group’s musical palette with a healthy dose of atmosphere and electronic ambiance, ultimately developing striking soundscapes. In general, this single hits harder, moves faster and evokes a sense of immediacy and urgency that only a few other formations can accomplish today and also sets the tone and raises the anticipation towards October Ends’ upcoming album – “Zodiac” (coming very soon) - being the first single released off the discussed record.

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The group provides additional, insight information and details regarding the single's essence and specific characteristics: "This is a song about being stuck in a system of feeling alone and trying to find every bit of strength to pull yourself back out of the hole you feel trapped in. Giving every bit of trust you have with someone for them to just show their true colours and leave you feeling stranded."

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