UNFD is thrilled to announce the signing of Melbourne odd world experimentalists Ocean Grove. The band have today released a new EP in the form of Black Label (Sublime Vol) as well as The Rhapsody Manifesto, which is archived for all eternity at therhapsodymanifesto.com.

“We’ve spent the better half of the past year in ambivalence deciding who and where is the best stream to entrust with our music and we were very close to making decisions to the contrary. Loyalty and belief mean a lot more to OG than hypotheticals or promises. UNFD through their actions, not words, proved to us that they were the best entity for us to take our art above and beyond. We are especially excited about the creative freedom they have afforded us.” – Luke Holmes, vocals.

Black Label (Sublime Vol) showcases the evolution of their creativity by track listing each song in the the order of creation, with multi-faceted drummer Sam Bassal overseeing the recording, mixing and mastering process. On stage, the beast appears and their penchant for the bizarre and erratic has made Ocean Grove one of the most in demand acts on Australian stages.

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