Norwegian Oberst's music seamlessly blends influences from hardcore, post-metal, black- and progressive metal. Their unique sound is characterized by atmospheric riffs and intense and gritty vocals, and they have garnered critical acclaim from media around the world.

Oberst is now ready to release new tracks, and the first single from their upcoming album is titled “Mules on a Mountain”.

Listen to the single here:

The song features Maciek Ofstad from Kvelertak on vocals, and about the track the band shares;"This song is about the long slow grind to reach some elusive summit, not knowing if it’s even there. Our big brains only asking small questions as we’re forever stuck on the hillsides."

With "Mules on a Mountain" as a first taste, Oberst sets the stage for their upcoming album, "Toil," set to release in 2024. The album is a culmination of three years of dedicated effort, and it promises to deliver a fresh and exciting sound that transcends the boundaries of traditional rock and metal.

About Oberst:
Hailing from Oslo, Norway, Oberst emerges as a compelling force in the metal scene. The dynamic quartet was bound by a shared passion for music rather than a specific genre, and their sound evolved finding common ground with bands like Mastodon, Baroness, Converge, and Cult of Luna. However, the band's unique imprint extends beyond these influences, drawing from individual members' diverse musical backgrounds, spanning classic rock and jazz to modern pop.

The release of their self-titled debut EP in 2015 was met with critical acclaim and praised as «some of the best metal produced in Norway for a long time» -HISSIG. The singles from the 4-track EP got played and recommended on national radio and featured on the acclaimed Norwegian TV series «Unge Lovende».

After the release of their EP, Oberst signed with Indie Recordings, and released the debut album “Paradise” in 2020.

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