Today, France based pop/rock trio, OAKMAN shares their brand new single, “Murder”, out now via Rude Records. The upbeat melodies of the song underscores the darker message of the lyrics which depict the effects of sexual harassment and abuse on a person's life and how it can grow into pure hatred.

“The meaning of this song is deep and quite tricky to explain. It’s about sexual abuse and everything that is related to it”, says lead singer, Marine. “I know that ‘Murder’ is a strong word, but I wanted to represent through it the hatred, anger and sadness that the trauma of rape or sexual abuse can leave on a life. The character in the song finds herself constantly imprisoned by her traumas, which end up killing her from the inside. So in her dreams, she hopes to kill her abuser the same way that he 'killed' her. Very often, the extent of such acts is underestimated or even ignored for the abuser, while the victim will have to live with it all their life. I think this song can speak to anyone who has experienced a traumatic situation where they were the victim. The topic doesn't matter. It's your life, your experience. We all have dark times in our lives”.

Last month, the trio shared their recent single, “Fantasy”, a track that muses on how we can tend to live in this “fantasy” world where we’re not being true to ourselves and realizing that we can’t continue to live that way and we have to be who we really are. “Fantasy” was preceded by “Night”, a track that reflects on the fleeting moments of life we take for granted, and reminds us to live in these moments and enjoy life. The tracks quickly garnered the attention of the likes of Entertainment Tonight, Hot Topic and Billboard who dubbed “Night” “a carpe diem bop”.

OAKMAN also recently wrapped a tour with fellow French band, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! for their first tour in France in 6 years.

The band arrived on the Lyon rock scene in 2016 with the release of their self-produced EP, “Waterscape”. Following the release of their first EP, the band began to tour across not only France, but England, Italy, Japan, the US and more. They opened for bands like Enter Shikari (Bataclan, Paris), ZZ TOP (Pérouges Fest), Basement (Kao, Lyon) and Bukowski (Marché Gare, Lyon). They later released their second EP, “Plastic World”, in October 2018, which was mixed by Sam Pura (State Champs, Story So Far) in Fremont, CA.

Every time they play, the effect is immediate. They will touch you emotionally with songs like “Plastic World” or “Spread”, but keep a touch of fun and joy with songs like “Clear Enough”. With Marine’s incredible voice at the forefront, the band builds up a contrast between aggression and solace with each track.

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