Embracing the mantra that girls run the world, we're thrilled to introduce the dynamic duo shaking up the DJ scene: NYA&CHRLY! This powerhouse pairing combines seasoned expertise with fresh talent, united by their love for music and equestrian pursuits. CHRLY, boasting a wealth of experience from her time with 2Empress, has graced stages across the globe, leaving her mark from China to Cuba.

Now flying solo, she brings her unparalleled skill to the table. Meanwhile, NYA, a dreamer turned DJ, finds her aspirations fulfilled under CHRLY's mentorship. Bursting with passion and talent, NYA joins forces with her partner-in-crime to tackle the music industry head-on.

NYA&CHRLY's journey has already kicked off with a bang, with notable performances at prestigious venues like The Villa Antwerp, Club Carré, Café Local, and Replay Festival. Their infectious energy and uplifting sound promise to captivate audiences, setting the stage for an exhilarating musical experience.

As they gear up for their latest venture, their debut single "I Can't Escape" is primed to dominate dance floors as a floor-filling future rave anthem. With its pulsating beats and irresistible vibe, this track is destined to become a smash hit, solidifying NYA&CHRLY's position as forces to be reckoned with in the industry. Join NYA&CHRLY on their journey to the top, where the sky's the limit and every beat brings them closer to their ultimate goal.

With their electrifying DJ sets and unwavering dedication, they're poised to create unforgettable moments for their audience—because ultimately, it's all about spreading joy and igniting the dance floor. Get ready to groove, because NYA&CHRLY are here to make you move!

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