NOAH AND THE LONERS’ debut EP ‘A DESOLATE WARNING’ (produced by acclaimed UK producer Neil Kennedy behind such acts as Creeper, Milk Teeth, and Boston Manor) is OUT NOW via Marshall Records. Fans can purchase a limited edition vinyl direct from the band’s Bandcamp and stream the whole EP – HERE.

With the band’s lead single Crash Landing’ playlisted on BBC 6 Music and the band set to return to SXSW, 2024 sees the bad growing from strength to strength. NOAH AND THE LONERS will participate in the BBC Music showcase at the British Music Embassy on Wednesday, 13 March, and at the Marshall Funhouse Showcase at Parish on Thursday, 14 March.

‘A DESOLATE WARNING’ is an explosive compilation that tackles societal injustices and inequity head-on and surviving the day-to-day struggle of modern life, all wrapped in the band's raw, unapologetic energy and Noah’s signature caustic lyricism.

NOAH AND THE LONERS offer a powerful message of hope for those facing the challenges of adolescence and societal norms. The band's music speaks to issues such as the impact of toxic relationships, feelings of isolation, and the stigmas surrounding mental health. The songs are brought to life by the passionate performances of the band, captured expertly by Neil Kennedy. The result is a punk-infused sound beyond genre boundaries, showcasing the band's raw vulnerability and honesty when addressing these critical topics.

Speaking on the release of their debut EP, frontman Noah Lonergan comments: “It’s kind of hard to put into words how proud we are to release ‘A Desolate Warning’ into the big wide world…” Noah says excitedly. “These songs made us as a band, and they’re the product of 4 kids with way too much energy, bouncing off each other creatively and massively growing up in the process.

“We hope people resonate with everything we’re trying to say on the EP. We hope it sparks something in your stomach and you’re pissed off at the state of the world. We hope you find comfort in the knowledge that you are never alone in your sadness. And most of all, we hope you join us in swearing at the top of your lungs to the outro of ‘Hell Of A Day’


For Noah and the Loners, punk is not just a label but a state of being. The band, one of the latest signees to Marshall Records, have been developing a reputation for their barrage of two-minute freak-outs, in which they vent every frustration, be it political or personal, and bring a refreshing new voice to the genre. “I don't see the point of writing a song if you're not saying anything', says frontman Noah Lonergan (he/him) 'and I don't think we'd be the band we are if the music wasn't so personal”.

Formed of Noah Lonergan, Amber Welsh, Joseph Boyle and Noah Riley, the teens have spent the past two years chipping away at making their music a true reflection of themselves and, in the process, becoming one of the most exciting new bands in punk.

Noah and the Loners have been rattling domestic and international stages alike, playing prestigious events such as The Great Escape festival in Brighton, UK and the infamous SXSW in Austin, TX, to great acclaim. Their new EP, ‘A DESOLATE WARNING’, is now available via Marshall Records.

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