My new single, "Motions," is a post-breakup anthem, that takes you through the journey of post-breakup thoughts and how it feels to be on your own for the first time. I wrote “Motions” on Valentine’s Day last year, on a cloudy day back in LA for the first timefollowing a breakup.

Being back in the city that felt like him made me think about all the peaks and valleys of our relationship, the good and the bad. I wrote this song with my good friend Jonathan Asperil, who also handled production. His guitar playing is out of this world, so the second he laid down the progression of the song, the words just started flowing out.

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We’re only human and it’s normal to go through the motions of an old relationship. “Motions” showcases the wide range of emotions one goes through after a breakup, especially when you’re on your own.

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