The freshmen musical effort from Nighthawk, Structures On The Moon, contains a smattering of fascinating tracks, talents and ideas displaying the band members various strengths in different styles. This international edition released via Sliptrick Records includes an extra track, Supa-a-star.

The album is a psychedelic quest. A rock/metal album aimed at getting the listener into experiencing what could be out there in the universe and into a meditative state of mind.

The American trio draws on classic sabbath-esque doomy tones while sprinkling in a more psychedelic vibe to make this perfect dreamy atmosphere. Structures On The Moon features an ever expanding eclectic mix of stoner-fuzz-rock and metal.

01. Unicomfort | 02. The Awakening | 03. Buried Alive (Shattered Sky) | 04. Hand Puppets Maiden | 05. The Middleman's Universe (Short) | 06. Buried Alive (Adrift) | 07. Supa-a-star

Structures On the Moon | Released December 19th, 2023 via Sliptrick Records

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