"Tout Passe" is a piece inspired by more intimate and personal experiences, but the words and the form used are open and abstract enough to be transposed into other situations or life experiences. It describes the passing of time in a human relationship, which can be friendly, romantic, or fraternal, where nothing is happening. Or rather, if nothing happens, "the silence holds," the relationship is at risk of deteriorating. The instrumental composition effectively conveys this passage of time with a long repetitive guitar part and vocals that make up almost three-quarters of the song. Apart from some subtle appearances of keyboards and vibraphones, very few elements vary, creating a certain tension. However, for the last quarter of the song, the pressure subsides with a powerful drum rhythm finally entering, and the lyrics opening up to a hopeful possibility of improvement, "...it's a shame but not lost."

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Based between Belgium and Switzerland, Meril Wubslin’s constant itch to evolve found them in Kwake Bass’ South London studio The Room for the recording of their fourth album

After a successful tour following the release of the album "Alors quoi!" on Les disques Bongo Joe, accompanied by a change in drummer/percussionist, the question of what comes next naturally arose. Several elements emerged, such as the desire to incorporate more low frequencies, a fascination with the marimba/vibraphone instrument, and a willingness not to worry too much about the difference between the recorded result and the live performance, which proved to be very liberating.

In order to evolve in their practices, the team deemed it necessary to collaborate with someone from the outside, thereby introducing a new dimension.

This is how Kwake Bass, collaborator of Kae Tempest, Tirzah, Mica Levi, Coby Sey, John Glacier, Lafawndah, 1000 kings, and hailing from the southeast London scene, was chosen. Although their aesthetics may seem divergent from the three previous albums of Meril Wubslin, it is precisely this difference that was perceived as the key. The confrontation of different practices, styles, cultures, and backgrounds was seen as a risk, but also as an enriching opportunity. The result, infused with these blends and influences, offers unique music.

Thus, the acoustic aspect of Meril Wubslin finds itself enveloped in more electronic materials and muted textures. A more urban dimension emerges, perhaps slightly more nocturnal, but also significantly more powerful. Brass is sometimes present, guitars perhaps less so, and synthesizers more prevalent.

Remaining faithful to the French language for several years, the lyrics address themes that are sometimes more concrete, while remaining grounded in the sphere of the intimate and the sensitive, rather than venturing into overly clear and univocal messages.

"Faire Ça' will be released March 1st 2024 on Les disques Bongo Joe.

Friday April 5th @ BRDCST, Ancienne Belgique, Brussels

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