Napalm Records is pleased and proud to announce that longtime employee and Product Manager, Sebastian Münch, has recently been promoted to Senior A&R. Münch has been working for the international music label based in Eisenerz, Austria for 13 years. Throughout these years, the label has continued to develop into one of the world's leading independent rock and metal labels since its foundation in the early nineties.

The promotion marks another milestone in Münch's career since joining Napalm Records on June 1, 2010. Since then, he has made a significant contribution to the label's success through his tireless dedication and passion for the music industry. With his deep understanding of the market, his sense for new trends and the ability to develop innovative strategies to best present artists and their work, Münch plays a key role in the identification and development of emerging talents.

Alongside countless other artists, he not only signed New Zealand newcomers Alien Weaponry (quite unknown back then), My Sleeping Karma and Wind Rose, but also metal legends such as Destruction and K.K. Downing with his band KK's Priest. In addition, Sebastian Münch brought other established names to Napalm Records, such as Nile and Burning Witches.

Napalm Records is looking forward to continuing this successful collaboration with Sebastian Münch and exploring new musical highlights in the rock and metal universe together.

Sebastian Münch comments: "I worked in a corporate management role in England until 2010 before moving to Eisenerz - lured by my heroes Summoning, Falkenbach and Kampfar - to fulfill my lifelong dream of working for a music label. The magic is still the same today when I can discover, promote and help artists to succeed. My work at Napalm Records is both a vocation and a passion. Thank you Thomas, Max, Billie and Diana for your trust. Here's to many more great years."

Head of A&R Thomas Caser adds: "Congratulations, Sebastian! I am delighted to be working with Sebastian to further expand the A&R department and shape the label profile. Here's to many more successful years and many more signings!"

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