Nádine is painting with words on her latest Afrikaans album. And the name is, ironically enough ... “Skildery” (Painting).

Nádine is back, more then ever. With a new Afrikaans album. 13 suberb tracks of which “Skildery” and “Tyd” will be massive hit songs. After 18 years in music industry the talented youngster is ready for a new chapter full of energy!

Most of the songs were written by Johan Oberholzer. Vaughan Gardiner wrote two songs (“Ek is vrou” and “Daai liefde”), while Ernie Bates was responsible for the writing of “Soen my glimlag”. Nádine’s grandmother wrote the lovely tune, “Ou Murasie”. Nádine herself wrote “Gaan groot of gaan huis toe”. It’s the words with which she greets the viewers at the end of every episode of “Musiek Roulette”. She hosts the popular music programme every Friday night on SABC.

SKILDERY - TYD - HOUT OP DIE VURE The album is being released by haar own label, Nádine Musiek. She was involved in the whole process, from the song writing and recording to the mixing, video recording and the marketing of the album. The distribution of “Skildery” is being handled by Coleske.

During the last Skouspel shows at Sun City it was clear that there’s a massive ballade on the album, called “Tyd”. Nádine performed the song as a teaser for her forthcoming album and the crowds went mad. “Hout op die vure” is a classy Afrikaans dance tune that makes people nostalgic and ready to dance. The bonus track is “Juvenile”, a song that got airply on all the major radio stations earlier this year.

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