MULL HISTORICAL SOCIETY is back with a brand new album: ‘In My Mind There’s A Room’.

Released by the Xtra MIle Recordings label on 21 July, the first new material from Colin MacIntyre in five years will feature contributions from an all-star cohort of thirteen guest authors: Ian Rankin, Nick Hornby, Jacqueline Wilson, Val McDermid, Jennifer Clement (‘Widow Basquiat’), Booker-winning Sebastian Barry, Alan Warner, 2021 US National Book Award-winner Jason Mott, Scottish poet laureates’ Jackie Kay and Liz Lochhead, and booker-shortlisted Stephen Kelman (‘Pigeon English’).

Mull Historical Society is the musical project of Colin MacIntyre – the multi-award-winning musician, producer, author for adults and children, and playwright. Writing music that is often personal and steeped in the tradition of his native island, yet with an adventurous spirit and outward-reaching appeal, over the last two decades his works have resonated with audiences both in the UK and all over the world.

In 2023, Mull is bringing his worlds of words and music together for the extraordinary new album ‘In My Mind There’s A Room’. Across its fourteen songs, MacIntyre has enlisted an all-star cast of award-winning literary giants to contribute their own words about a special room that plays or has played a significant part in their lives. Using these words as the lyrics, Colin has then written the musical arrangements to create a 14 track album of personal and thoughtful songs. Rather fittingly, these songs were recorded in a room that holds a special place in Colin’s heart – his ‘Bard of Mull’ poet-come-bank-manager grandfather’s flat above the bank in Tobermory, isle of Mull, which has recently – remarkably – been turned into a fully-equipped recording studio.

Of the new ‘...Room’ project, Colin MacIntyre says: “It has been a great creative experience and challenge to work with all the authors’ original words and their ‘rooms'. For some time I’ve had the ambition to bring my worlds of music and writing together — and to set myself the creative challenge to collaborate using somebody else’s words for the first time. How does Elton work with Bernie? The chance came when my grandparent’s home of 40-plus years on Tobermory seafront on the Isle of Mull, was – unbelievably – transformed into a recording studio. My grandfather was the Scottish poet, and bank manager of Mull, Angus Macintyre. He was a unique character and remains my biggest inspiration…. I hadn't stepped into that room in 21 years. So I decided to reach out to some of my favourite writers, many of whom have inspired me in words and song, to ask if they would write some original words on a significant room to them, that I would then mould into lyrics and record in this significant room to me: the room where my grandfather wrote and regaled many a visitor, where I sat at his feet. Over two magical, but intense spells, I stepped back into those rooms again. In my mind there are now 14 rooms.”

Mull Historical Society’s upcoming album ‘In My Mind There’s A Room’ is released on CD, double-vinyl and digital on 21st July 2023 on Xtra Mile Recordings. Produced by Colin MacIntyre, the album was recorded, Engineered and Mixed by Gordon MacIean, and features a cast of some of the UK’s leading musicians in their fields: Andy Samson, Donald Shaw, Camilla Pay, Sorren MacIean, Hannah Fisher, Phil Bancroft and more. With all songs written by Colin McIntyre, the full list of author guest contributions are acknowledged in the tracklisting as follows:


  1. NOT ENOUGH SORRY – Jennifer Clement
  2. 1952 – Liz Lochhead
  3. WAKE UP SALLY – Alan Warner
  4. KELSHABEG – Sebastian Barry
  5. PANICKED FEATHERS – Nick Hornby
  6. THE RED FLAME DINER – Stephen Kelman
  7. SOMEBODY ELSE’S LIFE – Jacqueline Wilson
  9. SEEDS – James Robertson
  10. MELTWATER – Jackie Kay
  12. ROOM OF MASKS – Val McDermid
  13. ANAGLYPTA – Liz Lochhead
  14. MEMORIES OF MULL – Angus MacIntyre

It what is already proving to be a busy year for MacIntyre, who released ‘Archaeology: Complete Recordings 2000-2004’, an 80-track 4-CD Bookset earlier this year, as well as 20th & 21st anniversary reissues of his first 3 MHS albums, ‘Loss’, Us’ & ‘This Is Hope’ with sold-out shows to wide acclaim, he will also publish his 4th book, and debut Crime novel in a new Mull Mysteries Series, ‘When The Needle Drops’, in September.

In support of ‘Room’ he will be appearing at literary festivals this summer including the Hay Festival, Borders Book Festival and others, including Belladrum, confirmed dates so far are listed below. Standby for further headline shows from Mull Historical Society later this year. The cover art is an original painting by Bafta-winning film director and artist-musician, John MacLean of The Beta Band (a big inspiration of Colin’s at the beginning).

Mull Historical Society / Colin MacIntyre - 2023 Live dates

  • 3rd June - HAY Festival
  • 17th June - Borders Book Fest — with crime writer Val McDermid
  • 29th July - MHS Belladrum
  • 4th Aug - MHS Edinburgh Festival Fringe @ Summerhall
  • Sept - Wigtown Book Fest
  • 27th Oct - Tobermory Book Fest

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