Black metal band Mo’ynoq are now streaming the entirety of Dreaming In A Dead Language over at Heavy Blog Is Heavy. The critically acclaimed album will be released this Friday. Pre-order the album here:

From Raleigh, North Carolina emerges Mo'ynoq, an American Black Metal outfit that brandishes feral riffs and a uniquely humid atmosphere. Influenced by the likes of Immortal, Nachtmystium, and Wolves in the Throne Room, Mo'ynoq has lured audiences across the eastern United States into their pummeling sonic labyrinth, spinning dire narratives from which listeners struggle to escape...

June 2016 bore witness to Mo'ynoq's limited-edition cassette demo, and the four-piece released their EP Bardo on 7” vinyl in February 2017 to much acclaim. The band is now poised to release their debut LP Dreaming in a Dead Language in early 2019. Featuring seven devastating tracks and haunting cover art by French artist/tattooist Perichaud Pierre, Dreaming in a Dead Language is sure to carry Mo'ynoq's message far from the southern hills they call home

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