With years of combined experience and hundreds of gigs around the world as members of Disco Ensemble, Children of Bodom and Lapko, Jussi Ylikoski, Ville Malja, Mikko Hakila and Henkka Seppälä united last year to form Moon Shot. Today, their debut album "Confession" comes out in partnership with OMN Label Services, and you can now buy it or stream it on all digital platforms.

Moon Shot’s debut release follows the resounding success of debut track “Big Bang”, and further singles “Blood Looks Cool”, “Confession” and "Cut The Corners". Guitar player Jussi Ylikoski shares “I’m very excited to finally release our debut album Confession. When writing and judging the songs for this album, the most important thing for me was to remain true and honest to myself. If something didn’t feel right, it had to go. This is the only way for me to protect the inspiration and meaning of this work and to present a meaningful album. And when this is achieved, everything else is secondary".

Confession is a labour of love" he concludes.

Along with the album, Moon Shot have released the brand new video for standout, focus track “Marlboro Man”, a favorite of vocalist Ville Malja’s: “The big sing-along chorus combined with airy and sensitive verse parts makes this song meaningful for all of us. The intimate vocal performance backed up with rich harmonies delivered by the band will travel close to you while listening".

In the words of Ville himself – “Confession is sincere and sincerity is timeless. Confession is a true story. It’s like an edgy, sincere speech. It’s made for those who love rock music as much as we do. This is a crispy rock album inspired by the classics but still looking to the shimmering future".

Moon Shot will be taking “Confession” on the road, starting with a couple of Finnish dates in November. Next year, they will finally bring the experience to Europe, with shows in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. Tickets are available at this link. You can check the dates below:

  • February 16th 2022 @ HU 7 (Stockholm, SE)
  • February 18th 2022 @ Beta (Copenhagen, DK)
  • February 19th @ @ Krosset (Oslo, NO)
  • February 20th 2022 @ Logo (Hamburg, DE)
  • February 21st 2022 @ Cassiopeia (Berlin, DE)
  • February 22nd @ Helios 37 (Cologne, DE)
  • February 23rd @ Patronaat (Haarlem, NL)
  • February 24th @ Backastage Club (Munich, DE)
  • February 25th @ Chelsea (Vienna, AT)


"Confession" Tracklisting
2. Agony Walk
3. Big Bang
4. Marlboro Man
5. Caterpillar
6. Kiss The Ghost
7. Second Chance
8. Blood Looks Cool
9. Cut The Corners
10. Big Feelings
11. Into The Trouble
12. Street Guy
13. Uno, Dos

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