Colombian band MISTICIA will release their new album´s title "XVA" due to be released on October 7, 2021 (LP) through Yahuar Mallcu Records.

The new album refers to the god "Sun" of the Muiscas, an Andean culture in Central Colombia. It will feature 12 tracks heavily influenced by indigenous pre-colonial art, music and languages like Quechua/Peru, Náhuatl/Mexico, Muisca/Colombia, Aymara/Bolivia, Quichua/Ecuador, Mapudungún/Chile, Argentina, Iroquois/USA, Canada.

It´s a concept album inspired by the so-called conquest of America, legends and indigenous beliefs. It gives voice to cultures and languages previously unchartered in the genre, forming a babel tower of America.

Tracklist (LP)
1. Suacha
2. Aperrear
3. Mallku
4. Yohualli
5. Marrichiweu
6. Buruka Ccosi
7. La Chucua
8. Thanksgiving Day
9. Hazañas Sanguinarias
10. Sin tu dios
11. Ally Shamushka
12. Delay de las Indias

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