The music available on "Gjennom meg går ingen til hvile" is in the style of the band's previous two singles. The album features a pretty big roster of session musicians, even more than on the first two singles. Some are amateurs, some are more known people.

Stein Akslen has done extensive field-recordings out in nature to supplement the compositions on the album. He comments: «That had me sleeping outside in the forests for a few nights to record an owl, and all other sounds - including wolves - are real. There are no samples at all on the album.»

He adds: «In total I have been working on this album for about 6 years now. There's a lot of memories tied up on it, and it will be dedicated in loving memory to those we have lost. Some of the lyrics on the album actually dates back about 17 years, so I've used this album to really go full circle.»

For fans of Myrkur, Jinjer, Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Arch Enemy, Evanescence


  1. Så kald en jord
  2. Hjemlengsel
  3. Begravelsens hjerteslag
  4. Regnbuer i gråtoner
  5. Sorg og savn
  6. Solnedgang
  7. Hvil i fred
  8. Forglemmegei
  9. Nåde
  10. 11379

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