The Mexican rock band LESTSEL is glad to announce their partnership with Epictronic by a distribution contract for their upcoming album "The Occult Geometric Deity", which will be released on 09.09.2022 via Epicronic.

Band statement about the signing:
We are very happy to be able to work together with Epictronic, which is a young but strong company that we are sure will help us create the conditions to develop the growth of the band and be able to reach the ears that are waiting to discover our sound. We trust that Carlo Bellotti will lead us down a path of effort and work where we hope to find the full development of the band at his side since he has all our respect. We want the public to discover us and connect with the electronic and heavy sound that we are sure they will love. Lestsel has always been the voice and participant of the independent artists to whom they extend a cordial greeting, dedicating this album to them in their honor and the effort that all this entails.

About the album:
"The Occult Geometric Deity" consists of 15 original songs recorded and produced by AKG Studios and published by Lestsel Company. This upcoming album will be a set of intense, dark, heavy, and punchy rhythmic industrial rock/heavy metal and electronic songs, telling the story of how somebody can obtain wisdom and knowledge through the relative geometric space-time that governs us all through the same regime of laws and rules and the interactions between this Deity and mortal beings.

Lestsel Is a Mexican rock band from Queretaro. The band was formed by his only member at the moment, Alfredo Kuri (AKG) in June 2021 and it is inspired by rock music, blues, and modern wave sounds like electronic, big room, and post-punk. The first song they started to work with was “Symphony of a Commonwealth Society” later renamed “Symphony of Leviathan” and it was an acoustic melody with symphonic sounds with violins, cellos, and other chords instruments talking about an analogy of the book of Thomas Hobbes “Leviathan or the Matter Forme and Power of a Commonwealth Ecclesiastical and Civil”. In August 2022 they released an eight-track demo album and on 2022 called Popestser and it was a critique of the actual behavior of the society at the moment and its government. They will release their first studio album called The Occvlt Geometric Deity, and it took a completely different direction, it is darker than the previous one but more rhythmic and easy to hear, talking about actual problems and taking more into consideration the occult science. Lestsel consider their music as an infusion of rock and electronic with hard heavy sounds.

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