Rituals III, out March 26, 2021 via Narshardaa Records, is the spawn of Kavrila’s rage, anxiety, gloom, self doubt, pure energy, and grit. A vicious beast that crawls out of a pool of darkness, and suffering that has a hold on the world around us, that we are constantly fighting to overcome.

Today Kavrila reveal the second single Equality from Rituals III, lyrically it deals with violence.

Kavrila comment: "Violence is easy. Until other eyes can see." Numerous events inspired me. Mostly when news regarding police violence hit my eyes and ears. Not only the police are behaving harshly wrong in situations. Many people out there have a great lack of respect when it comes to their fellow human beings."

Listen +share : https://narshardaa.bandcamp.com/track/kavrila-equality or: https://backl.ink/144085638

Rituals III is the third, and final installment of the Rituals series that was started back in 2016. The record will be released on 12" vinyl and in addition, the whole Rituals cycle, containing all three EPs will be available as a discography CD. Expect an energetic and powerful mix of Hardcore, Sludge, Metal and Doom, reduced to the essentials.

The end of the trilogy may be the sign of something even more sinister coming from Kavrila in the near future. Pre-order Rituals III on limited edition vinyl here.

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