At present, BABYLON DOOM CULT RECORDS is thrilled to announce the brand new full-length album 'WEEMOEDSKLANKEN' by the Dutch unorthodox black metal ensemble MESLAMTAEA!!

A release date is set for February 25th, 2022 and shall come in the following formats: CD / DIGITAL / LP

A second track, "Uiteengevallen", featuring Fraukje van Burg (Doodswens) on guest vocals, can now be heard on the website of Germany's finest printed magazines: DEAF FOREVER!!

'WEEMOEDSKLANKEN' (Dutch for sounds of melancholy) deals with the struggle of time and impermanence:

"Again…. yet again I awake in the dead of night, drenched in sweat. Woken by an atrocious autumn storm, pounding on the windows, begging for attention. Gloom…. The changing of the seasons seems to have become a fast repeating ritual. Irreversible. With dazzling speed we’re heading for the inevitable black beacon that marks the end of life. While my hair is gradually turning gray, the color of the world I’m immersed in. The heart transforms into the shape of cracked ground. The growing realization that there's no grasp... No grasp on time, that’s been cruel of the ever increasing menacing world. Mother Earth’s antics indicate she’s fed up with it all. And so am I. Meanwhile, time passes by, like the parched leaves blowing against the window. The night is black and I try to fall asleep again. Tomorrow is another day..."

1. Weemoed (4:19)
2. Rad des Tijds (5:17)
3. Grauwe Muren (4:31)
4. Schone Lei (5:12)
5. Moegestreden (5:09)
6. Nevelsluiers (5:20)
7. Verstoten (6:25)
8. Uiteengevallen (4:45)
Total: (41:36)

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