Today, Paris-based crooner Max Cartier is releasing his new single, It’s Impossible’, and announcing his first EP, “Words of Love”, out on April 21st. A collection of classics from the Big Band era, The EP was recorded at the iconic Capitol Studios in Los Angeles and produced by multi GRAMMY® winner Chris Walden.

I relate to the elegance of these timeless songs,” Max says. “I get into the words and make their story my own. I’m putting in all my soul to show everyone who I am inside. It’s like being exposed naked in front of the mic; you open up completely”.

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Moved by a newfound passion for singing, Max started recording his first songs in 2021, picking up timeless titles about love and romance, which move him and make him feel recognized. “My Way” was the born-again Crooner’s debut single, followed by “The Lady is a Tramp”. Then, he recorded the full EP in the legendary Capitol Studios, using Frank Sinatra’s own favourite microphone, with an orchestra of over 50 musicians and the production of Chris Walden. The timeless quality of his voice, with its bright, warm tone and suave clarity, evokes the epic romance of the Big Band era without getting stuck in the past.

Though his songs might flirt with nostalgia’s allure, Max Cartier isn’t looking back. Get ready to join him on an exciting new musical journey. Max is currently working on a new album with all original songs in French, written in collaboration with the talented Parisian composer Johan Czerneski.

About Max Cartier

Max Cartier was born into a European family in Buenos Aires at the crossroads of many cultural influences. When Max Cartier sings, his vocals resonate physically, mentally, and spiritually. The French Argentinian Crooner’s bold voice bewitches and beguiles with power, poise and passion. Attracting legendary seven time GRAMMY® Award nominated composer Chris Walden [Michael Bublé, Jennifer Lopez, etc.] to his corner, he instantly captivates on his 2023 independent debut EP, “Words of Love” and much more to come.

“When you hear the EP or come to a show, we want you to leave with a “timeless, elegant, and sensual feeling” he declares. “That’s what my music and images need to evoke.”

Max took the long road to get here. Born in Buenos Aires, he lived in Switzerland where he attended school before spending time in London, Monte Carlo, and Paris where he now lives. He devoted his entire life to the beverage industry, establishing himself as a sought-after producer of wines, champagne, cognac, beers, and mineral water. After decades as a proven entrepreneur and spirits magnate, he sold his Patagonia® industrial brewery and pondered his next chapter. Locked down in his Paris home at the onset of COVID-19, fate changed his course. Captivated by Max’s voice on the phone, a Brazilian girlfriend, constantly insisted him to sing. Without expecting much, he decided to meet with a variety of top vocal coaches and the Tenor of the Opera de Paris.

So, Max embraced his destiny…

“This is who I am, and it’s the most important thing in my life now,” he notes. “Before I thought I had a passion for wines, but when I discovered singing I really understood the true meaning of passion. I need to sing every day, perform, explore and compose new music.” “It’s funny how I always felt that there was something missing in my life, until I started singing and finally music filled that void”.

Introduced through a mutual friend, he caught the attention of Chris Walden who invited him to Los Angeles to record what would become “Words of Love”. He holed up at the legendary Capitol Studios in Hollywood prior to closing for renovations (historically making his recording the final session on this hallowed ground). With Walden at the helm as producer and accompaniment from an orchestra of over 50 world class musicians, he recorded seven tracks in just one day. Singing through Frank Sinatra’s own storied Neumann U47 microphone, he imparted a piece of himself on each tune, infusing them with personal panache.

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