Ready to take the pop world by storm, singer, songwriter, and producer Matty Marz reveals her infectious new single, “EPILL,” out today on all streaming platforms.

Produced by Akira Akira (Mad Decent), Matty’s new single, “EPILL,” is an instantly catchy, club-ready anthem that will transport listeners straight to the dance floor. Taking inspiration from the gothic undertones of the late 90s electronic movement and the seductive pop sonics of the early aughts, Matty has created something undeniably unique and captivating.

‘EPILL’ was a song I always wanted to make but didn’t know how to articulate until its conception,” she says. “It’s a dark and seductive mid-ecstasy hit electronic record that explores the highs and lows of a trip.”

New York-based Matty Marz is part of a new generation of young trans women who are dominating the pop music game. Weaving a rich tapestry of unapologetic lyricism, experimental electronic beats, hypnotic pop melodies, and wide-ranging genre influences, Matty is carving out a sonic lane all of her own.

Matty brings to the table a technical background in classical music (vocals and composition) and years of experience producing, performing and writing. Additionally, she recently graduated from the Los Angeles Academy for Artists & Music Production (LAAAMP), where she was able to fine-tune her skillset.

With numerous hit singles already under her belt, Matty is ready to reach new heights in 2024 with the release of her debut album, m.w.u. Inspired by artists such as Ethel Cain, Charli XCX, Bjork, & Infected Mushroom, m.w.u is a story of euphoria and release. Touching on a wide-range of genres like industrial, electronic, drum 'n' bass, and trap, Matty has created a diverse and immersive project to wow listeners and transport them into a different plane of consciousness.

Listen to "EPILL" on all streaming platforms:

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