MARTIKOR throw open the doors to their dark ethereal sound in the new single "Elegy". The haunting nature of the music and the band's accompanying aesthetic in their visual representation provides an immersive multi-faceted experience. The forthcoming album Acedia centers around the complexity of human emotion and explores the shadowy corners of the mind. Acedia will be unveiled on April 12th, 2024.

Listen to "Elegy" here:

MARTIKOR is a post-metal project, currently based in the bay area, San Francisco. MARTIKOR began as a solo project of Lenn (the band’s main composer), and the first album Soliloquy, was released on September 8th, 2023. The band’s musical style is influenced by various genres including Post-Metal, Post-Rock, Sludge Metal, Black Metal, Shoegaze, Doom Metal, and Electronic/Ambient textures. MARTIKOR combines dark atmospheric elements with the heaviness that comes with extreme music. It continuously explores experimental sounds and textures, aiming to manifest the intricacies of human emotions through various forms of musical and visual art and utilize art for self-exploration.

In MARTIKOR's compositions, Lenn uses not only music, but visual art and film as some of the main sources of inspiration. Some musical influences are from the heavy world, like NEUROSIS, OATHBREAKER, AMENRA, SUMAC, YOB, ABSENT IN BODY, THE BODY, LINGUA IGNOTA, etc. Other musical influences are classical, neoclassical, ambient, electronic, and experimental music.

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