Release date for Ghettolimpo is Friday June 11th and it’s Mahmood’s new album. Mahmood is an artist who in a short time has conquered a place among the most important artists of the music scene, with a unique trait that distinguishes him in the contemporary panorama.

The album opens up to a world of multiple facets, where each track refers to its own symbolism and to the story of a character who, as in the various levels of a video game, reveals itself to the listener piece by piece. A universe populated by the gods of Olympus together with various characters, where the suggestions drawn from Greek myths are combined with the experiences of modern heroes who live their daily lives, trying to overcome obstacles in different situations. In Mahmood's Ghettolimpo we do not find omnipotent figures belonging to an unreachable place, but the description of simple extraordinary people who try to give meaning to their lives.
No one is immortal and no one is a simple human, but we find entities with a common soul aimed at facing the unattainable on the one hand and the crudest and most everyday reality on the other.

"Ghettolimpo" represents an imaginary made up of two souls with many shades that are found and intersect in the lyrics of the album, an authentic record that takes inspiration from influences and references of life transformed into an artistic and sound dimension with multiple contaminations.

Anticipated by the single "Inuyasha" (golden record) and by "Zero", part of the soundtrack of the homonymous original Netflix series of which Mahmood has also edited an episode as music supervisor, "Ghettolimpo" creates a new imaginary for an artist who in a short time has conquered a place among the most important exponents of urban pop songwriting, with a unique trait that distinguishes him in the contemporary scene.

“Ghettolimpo” has a narrative direction made up of images and aesthetics that compose a story that is organic in every detail, in style and also in collaborations. And so there are two precious collaborations with Elisa among the most popular Italian singers in "Rubini" and with Woodkid in "Karma", a multifaceted international artist who also produced the song. Mahmood also involved some of the best producers such as MUUT, DRD, Francesco Fugazza, Francesco "Katoo" Catitti and authors such as Davide Petrella, Salvatore Sini.

Mahmood's art develops giving importance to every single detail and work related to the album, also including the development of an aesthetic imaginary: from the looks - with the close collaboration with Riccardo Tisci (Burberry) who created two exclusive dresses for him in Inuyasha - to the choices of video direction and significant locations and scenery of the video clips. These give particular importance to the territory and at the same time have a strong international connotation in the staging, for example in the enthralling choreography of Klan, curated by Carlos Diaz Gandia, which sees Mahmood dancing for the first time.

Author and singer loved by the Italian and international scene, after the excellent results achieved with "Gioventù Bruciata” (platinum) and the global success of "Soldi" (quadruple platinum) with which he won the 69th edition of the Sanremo Festival , Mahmood dominated the Top 10 again in 2020 with “Rapide” and “Dorado” which will be included in Ghettolimpo, collecting a total of 15 platinum records, 6 golden records and over 400 million streams.


Alessandro Mahmoud, aka Mahmood, was born in Milan in 1992 from an Italian mother and an Egyptian father. In addition to being an internationally renowned artist, he is also an appreciated author: he has written songs for Elodie (Nero Bali, Andromeda), Michele Bravi (Presi Male), Marco Mengoni (Hola - I say) and many others, and has signed tracks for Fabri Fibra (Luna), Gué Pequeno (Doppio Whiskey) and Marracash (Non sono Marra). Animated since childhood by a great passion for pop, urban and R&B music, he studied singing, piano and solfège. In 2016 he participated for the first time at Sanremo Festival in the Youth section with the song “Dimentica”, ranking fourth. In 2018 he made his debut with his first official EP, “Gioventù Bruciata”, followed by the album of the same name (certified platinum); in December of 2018 he participated to Sanremo Giovani with the track “Gioventù Bruciata” (certified gold), achieving first place, which entitled him to enter the competition at the 2019 Festival among the big names, and also the critics' prize. In 2019 he won the Sanremo Festival with the song Soldi (certified quadruple platinum) which made him the first artist ever to win both in the Young and in the Big category in the same year. The track became a global hit, with over 1,400 playlists worldwide and in over 42 Spotify Top 50 Viral charts, in the summer of the same year, Soldi broke 100 million streams (of which 39 million from abroad), becoming the most listened to Italian song ever on Spotify and Apple Music; meanwhile, the related video surpassed 100 million views on YouTube. In May 2019 Mahmood represented Italy in Tel Aviv as part of the Eurovision Song Contest, placing #2 and winning the Marcel Bezençon prize for the best music composition. In the summer of 2019 he also dominated the charts with the hit Calipso (certified quadruple platinum) together with Charlie Charles, Dardust, Sfera Ebbasta and Fabri Fibra. At the end of August he released the song Barrio (certified double platinum) which reached 53 million streams; while the related video has 80 million views on YouTube. His summer tour touched some of the most renowned national and international festivals, including the Mi Ami (Milan), the Spoleto Festival, the Montreux Jazz Festival and collecting sold-outs in Madrid, Barcelona and London. In 2020 Mahmood returned with the new single Rapide (double platinum), a ballad very far from the rhythms and atmospheres of the previous singles. Forced by the Coronavirus emergency to postpone his European tour “Dei”, he took advantage of the forced lockdown to release new music: Eternantena, an impromptu song inspired by quarantine, and the popular surprise single Moonlight Popolare (certified gold), featuring the new star of Italian rap, Massimo Pericolo. On July 10th of the same year he released Dorado (double platinum), featuring Sfera Ebbasta and Feid which totaled 32 million streams, while the related video has 30 million views on YouTube. On February 3rd, 2021 Mahmood returns with the single "Inuyasha" (certified gold) which anticipates the new album "Ghettolimpo", out on June 11th 2021


  • 18.12.2021 | De Roma, Antwerp

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