Earlier this year, M. Byrd won the German music prize Krach & Getoese and is a promising newcomer to the indie pop genre. Today his first single 'Mountain' is released. M. Byrd, who has already collaborated with prestigious German musicians such as Ilgen-Nur and Alli Neumann, will be releasing his own music in the autumn of 2020 for the first time. The 25-year-old wrote these songs on countless long journeys across Europe and has now recorded and produced them with the help of top German producer Markus Ganter (AnnenMayKantereit, Casper).

"Mountain" is one of the songs he wrote during his trip through Europe in recent years. It contains an authentic rock sound reminiscent of The War On Drugs, Tom Petty, Sufjan Stevens and Kurt Vile. The wavy reverb, relaxed drums (André Albrecht) and floating choirs (Doreen Albrecht) create a dreamy atmosphere in which Byrd's voice moves pleasantly; M. Byrd is ready for the big stages.

His story starts somewhere between Amsterdam and Paris in the van of Ilgen-Nur’s 2019 Power Nap Europe tour during which M.Byrd plays bass guitar in her live band. Somewhere on the road he plays his song sketches to the rest of the band. Their reaction to his demos are the final push that was needed to get things rolling. They all agree - he needs to make his voice and his music , still in its very early stages, be heard. And so he does now: His first single is called „Mountain“, one of a collection of songs that he wrote traveling through Europe in the last few years. Iceland, France, Denmark: Waving reverb; stoic, laid-back drums by André Albrecht and floating choirs by Doreen Albrecht create a space in which Byrd’s voice moves in wishful, yet familiar warmth.

Music Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8J9_UgHD_M&feature=youtu.be

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