Today London based Lunch Money Life are back with another dystopian visual for stand out 'Immersion Chamber' track "Lincoln". Dummy has premiered noting remixes featuring London Grime legend Flowdan and Hyperdub's Loraine James to follow later this month. The Spencer Young directed video follows our protagonist from pedaling street preacher to aspiring cult leader all whilst being monitored by the omnipresent eye in the sky. The track provides contemplative tension to the preachers Journey as Spencer Young explains below...

"Facial recognition and surveillance technology are advancing at an alarming rate, and Lincoln perfectly encapsulates this atmosphere of paranoia and mystery that is slowly seeping into our society.

After early discussions prompted by the band about these themes, we decided to tell a story about a character’s journey from street preacher, to aspiring cult leader - promoting an ambiguous message around the city. The observational surveillance/ cctv style implicitly carries a sense of dramatic tension and mystery. Why is this man being watched? What secrets about our existence is he hiding?

Our previous videos have been very collaborative projects that have been shot slowly over the course of weeks. The lockdown gave us the opportunity to take this a step further and shoot sporadically over several months, developing the narrative of the story as we went. The ‘hand god’ statue that the followers worship, was discovered while we were shooting in a north London cemetery and became a graphic symbol of the movement, promoted by it’s followers through a guerilla marketing campaign."

“Immersion Chamber”, recorded in an old church in East London, was co produced and mixed by Danalogue from the influential group The Comet Is Coming. The album saw a release in the United Kingdom back in April and will see an official release in North America on Fire Talk on October 30th.

Welcome to Lunchworld...

Lunch Money Life make apocalypse music, impossible to categorise, rich in texture, immersing the listener in a world of disgust and yearning - 'Immersion Chamber' is the perfect embodiment of that. Full of foreboding energy, restless beats and agitated noise: it's mardy electronics married with tense jazz-tinged and combative drumming.

Lunch Money Life are Stewart Hughes (drums), Sean Keating (guitar), Luke Mills-Pettigrew (bass), Jack Martin (electronics/trombone) & Spencer Martin (electronics/saxophone). A few years ago, Spencer wrote to 50 churches in East London looking for a job as an organist - one responded, All Saints Haggerston, where he still plays every Sunday. In a city where traditional rehearsal is near unaffordable, this was a lifeline for the band during its early, experimental period. It is the results of this period - filtered through the outboard analogue ceremonies of co-producer and mixing engineer Danalogue (The Comet Is Coming) - that make up 'Immersion Chamber'.

The band initially featured 10 members, a loose collective now (somewhat) sharpened ahead of album release, as documented in an electric Boiler Room set at the end of 2019.

Bubbling on the fringes of the London music scene for years, between them creating & sculpting Church of Sound, Total Refreshment Centre, Touching Bass & Tiff’s Joints. In the wake of 2018’s sold-out collaboration with Jamaican outfit Equiknoxx - Living3000 EP - the group has released lunchmoneylife STYLES™, a label compilation in the form of a cereal box, and Unlimited Ice Cream Palace EP on Kaya Kaya Records, featuring remixes by King Knut and Captain Terence McDonagh.

Track List

1. God Complex
2. Lincoln
3. Maddison Lee Outro
4. Superego
5. Crewcut
6. Living3000
7. Informant
8. Truth Serum
9. Pharisees

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