AMS Records releases the venetian composer’s work: between contemporary classical and progressive, an emotional and sophisticated work for piano, violin and flute, with a special message of peace

Luciano Basso’s new album: To Tell!

To Tell is a journey through my music, retracing the beginnings to arrive at today. Many of the solutions in earlier pieces have become basic patterns in later compositions. Every detail is narrative and communication, they are plays of light-shadows-emotions and reflections of complex contrapuntal compositional writing. A chord, the sound of a breath, a melody, a rhythmic variation, govern the various changes; it is in this way that each element becomes part of a complex structure and the different variations lead to a single, sweeping movement’.”

These are the words of sensitive, refined and dense composer and pianist Luciano Basso, who returns with his new album To Tell with AMS Records/BTF Vinyl Magic. It is his twelfth record since his 1976 debut Voci, a record that has firmly linked him to the world of Italian Progressive music like the subsequent Cogli Il Giorno (1978) and Frammenti Tonali (1979). In addition to reissuing these first two works, AMS released his most recent discs Free Fly (2007) and Open (2016) and renewed his collaboration with To Tell, a collection of original compositions for piano, violin and flute.

Unlike other much more prolific colleagues, Luciano Basso follows a long and scrupulous compositional method, pondering every single note and melody until the final result is fully satisfactory. In this new chapter of his musical journey, he is accompanied by Arturo Bertin in pieces played on piano four hands, Denis Garzotto on flute and Jacopo Pisani on violin. Another small jewel whose apparently simple but meticulously crafted compositions highlight a Progressive approach to writing that has always characterised the work of this artist. Among the pieces, the one that Basso is particularly fond of is Suoni di Pace (Sounds of Peace): “After some travels that took me to visit lands of conflict (Mostar, Sarajevo, Palestine and Israel), I thought of using music to dedicate a message of Peace to everyone indiscriminately, with a piece initially composed for piano and then developed in chamber form for strings.“

To Tell:

01. Un respiro 04:05

02. Danzando 4 05:08

03. Luc-Art 05:46

04. Remember 04:08

05. Free Fly 2 02:35

06. Folk song 04:01

07. To Tell 04:56

08. Suoni di Pace 04:28

09. ’76 05:18

10. Fandango 03:15

11. Riflessioni 03:52

12. Reverse 05:08

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