Living Inferno began in the autumn of 2019 when J.K. and K.N. left their previous band Whitemour. Additionally, the original lineup included the drummer J. Lepistö, who left Whitemour at the same time, and T. Piirto, who was a session bassist on the last concerts. Living Inferno was officially founded by this quartet in early 2020.

A year later J. Lepistö and T. Piirto left the band but they are still in touch with the band and supporting our journey. In February 2021 T. Hassi (Agarwaen, Wildfire) joined on the drums and P. Nisula (Rippikoulu) joined on the bass. Just before the recording of the debut EP P. Nisula left the band and all the bass lines were recorded by K.N. In the autumn of 2021, A. Kuhanen joined the band as a bassist, and thus the band's line-up has been assembled for future gigs and releases.

Since their departure from Whitemour, J.K. and K.N. resolved to unassumingly broaden their musical expression. Living Inferno combines the brutality of death metal with somber melodies, guitar solos and even clean vocals in addition to the aggressive death metal vocalization. The aim is to stay away from rigid genre boundaries, taking the most influence from the metal music of the 90s and 00s with the greatest focus on making versatile and personal music.

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