LEO MAIA has released a lyric video for his song "Sonhos" at Ghost Cult Magazine. The song is set to release tomorrow, August 5th, on all streaming platforms.

Watch: https://www.ghostcultmag.com/exclusive-video-premiere-leo-maia-shares-a-new-single-and-lyric-video-for-sonhos/

LEO comments: "Following Pneumothorax, I've decided to look back at a 10 years old composition that I was never able to record and release called "Sonhos". The song lyrics are in Portuguese inspired by Brazilian prog rock. The song is a blend of prog rock, post-rock and jazz with a saxophone solo instead of a guitar solo. While the song is extremely complex and the time signatures never settle in place, if you are not actively trying to count it, it feels smooth and cohesive, musicians, prog lovers and casual listeners can enjoy it alike. I personally think that delivering a song based on very complex non-stop shifting time signature and rich harmony in a package that feels smooth is an extremely difficult songwriting job and I'm very proud of it. The lyrics and harmonic pace dictate a never-ending chase of your dreams whilst enduring the mundane. Whenever you're about to reach your dreams, its morning again, time to go up, work. Lyrics are abstract but culminating in a direct message to go up, take your dream outside of the bed sheets and be someone, fly."

LEO MAIA’s philosophy is to make modern prog rock that is accessible with a primary focus on song writing. Drawing from a wide range of influences the complexity in his music derives from jazz-based harmonies and modulations (key changes) for conveying emotions through musical narratives. LEO MAIA’s began producing and releasing music in the wake of a difficult personal experience. Following a spontaneous total collapse of the left lung leaving him in a hospital bed with draining chest tubes for over a week, he decided to begin his solo project. LEO's first single “Pneumothorax” was written about this major life event. The new release "Sonhos" sought influence from artists including KING CRIMSON, MOGWAI, OCEANSIZE, MUTANTES, BJORK, AYREON, GENTLE GIANT, SIGUR RÓS, DREAM THEATER, and PINK FLOYD. Conceptually this single takes on a very different narrative into the contradictory nature of chasing dreams amidst the mundane aspects of life.

"Sonhos" is a stunning single comprised elegant composition. The dynamic intertwining of instrumental textures from the abrasive edge of distortion through to smooth saxophone motifs, unveils an array of distinctive parts that marry together beautifully into a serene, atmospheric soundscape.

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