Left Behind is releasing a new single and video for “Eternity of Empty”. The track is the band’s third single off of their forthcoming full-length album, "No One Goes To Heaven". Previous singles includePeeling Wax and “Outside the Body”. The album is slated to be released on November 15, 2019 via Pure Noise Records.

On the track, vocalist Zach Hatfield shares: "I wrote 'Eternity of Empty' about growing up in church, being scared because I don’t understand what’s going on. It’s a scary place as a kid watching weird old men you don’t know telling you you’re going to Hell forever if you don’t follow the teachings they’re giving you. Left me with a lot of thoughts growing up like, ‘Well what if this is all real and I’m just a shitty person and not good enough for Heaven?'. There’s a sign on the side of the road on the way to my dad’s house that just says 'GOD LOVES YOU, PLEASE DON’T GO TO HELL.' Which always just made me feel so weird growing up. None of that resonates with me. It’s a bizarre thing looking back on it and while it can be good for some people, I never had a good experience with it".

Tapping into the darker side of the hardcore/metalcore stratum, Left Behind deliver a sludgy mix of breakdowns and staccato guitar riffage that invokes names likes Harms Way, Crowbar, and Black Breath. The band debuted in 2013 with the EP "Death, Take Me", followed by the release of the full-length "Seeing Hell" in 2016, and "Blessed by the Burn" in 2017. Just last year, the band signed to Pure Noise Records, and has been on the rise ever since.

"No One Goes To Heaven" Tracklisting:
1. Hell Rains From Above
2. Eternity of Empty
3. Throwing Stones
4. Peeling Wax
5. Shadow of Fear
6. Staring At The Sun
7. God Calls Out
8. Smoke and Pain
9. Outside The Body
10. The Mirror
11. Prisoner of Mind
12. What Makes You Hurt

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Left Behind "Eternity Of Empty" Official Music Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLlAu9EXSOQ&feature=youtu.be

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