Following the release of her new EP, ‘Frankie,’ multitalented music & visual artist Laura Pieri now presents the EP’s accompanying short film. With subtle transitions between each track, the ‘Frankie’ visual adds new dimension to the EP’s narrative.

‘Frankie’ tells the story of a woman (Frankie) reclaiming her voice and power. Opening with “Sea of Tragedy,” Frankie begins her hero journey after realizing she’s been held back by people who will never be able to see the world through her eyes. “Daughter of Demeter” sees her become flooded with anger and frustration, and she begins the process of reclaiming her power. Next is “Come Clean,” where we see the protagonist emerging from the ashes to find her freedom. The EP/film concludes with “Goddess Energy,” a love letter to women accepting themselves, embracing their identities, and living in their truth.

“‘Frankie’ was born out of my struggle to be in control of my identity and career, since it more often than not felt controlled by the hands of men whose vision did not align with my own,” Pieri explains. “Although I still have a long way to go, I really am learning to love, trust, and stick up for myself. It’s definitely aspirational to not care about what other people think, but I am manifesting that. And, like the character Frankie, this doesn’t have to make sense for anyone else. Just for me. And it does.”

Born in São Paulo, Brazil, where she lived until the age of 16, Laura Pieri always dreamed of being a pop star. In 2014, she moved to America and split her time between New York and Los Angeles to further her education and simultaneously pursue a music career. Inspired by a wide array of artists like Prince, Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, and Michael Jackson, Pieri hopes to blend her pop influences with her Brazilian roots and use her songwriting to connect with others.

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