On August 30, 2024, Lars Bech Pilgaard of Danish Experimentalists SVIN will release the solo album Folklórica on momeatdad records.

The release is celebrated with a tour with performances across the country. At the concerts, Lars Bech Pilgaard is accompanied by the visual designer Piotr Winievicz, who will design the concert space in a new format every night and create the framework for a sensual, intimate experience for the ears and eyes.

Folklórica will release on double vinyl with artwork by Andreas Korsgaard. The record will also be released digitally and is flanked by a documentary film created by Pilgaard's long-term visual collaborator Mathias Winther Kjeldsen. The film depicts the work with the music in the vulnerable creation process, where the string instruments are presented as soulful soulmates who tell the story.

Listen to the track Ancestralism right here: https://momeatdadrecords.bandcamp.com/track/ancestralism-2

Documentation from the studio and staging of improvisations in nature create magical bonds between the instruments, the music and the spirit. The poetic images document a sensuality from music's embryonic stage, where the camera's gaze for the creative artist's inner world becomes part of the narrative of the work.

The album falls into four chapters on the vinyl's four sides and consists of bowed guitar, prepared guitar, banjo and electric guitar. The music flows seamlessly between delicate bow strokes, acoustic, prepared guitars in polyrhythmic whirlwinds, primitive blues drone and ritualistic banjo serenades. Organ-sounding ambient electric guitar and bagpipe-inspired fuzz eruptions also fill the grooves with sound.

From the forthcoming Folklórica film by Mathias Winther Kjeldsen and Lars Bech Pilgaard check out this video trailer:

Watch + share: Lars Bech Pilgaard - Folklórica Session I (official video trailer)

Folklórica Session I

On Folklórica, Bech Pilgaard's fascination and attraction to folk music is staged, which, like a vein, becomes a crossroad for the meeting between the album's abstract expression and concrete flow, and creates an ambitious masterpiece where the potential of string instruments is transformed through dialogue with deep folk musical traditions. The album will be an archive of experienced communication between people, nature and spirituality and an investigation of the power of music as a catalyst for the common human. As a reflection on the poetic abilities of music and folklore as a medium for new encounters between people, traditions and experiences.

Lars Bech Pilgaard has made a name for himself for a decade with his energetic and always sonically challenging guitar playing. Whether it's as a sideman with Bisse, Anja Jacobsen, Marcela Lucatelli, Maria Faust, Mija Milovic or in some of Pilgaard's own ensembles SVIN, Klimaforandringer, or Slowburn, you're never in doubt about the guitar's owner. Lars Bech PIlgaard's music is in the borderland between noise, sacral nerve and organic improvisation, but Pilgaard's musical expression is in its basic form changeable and he cultivates unconditional space with room for the absolutely abstract and the perversely concrete. In December 2023, Pilgaard received two DMA jazz awards and in 2019 was nominated for a Danish Music Critics awards as musician of the year.

Folklórica can be pre-ordered right here on limited edition vinyl, and digitally: https://momeatdadrecords.bandcamp.com/album/folkl-rica

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