Since debuting in the early 2000’s dutch trio Kraak & Smaak have established themselves as one of Europe’s premier purveyors of eclectic, funk fueled dancefloor positivity. Holding a long-time friendship and collaborative musical relationship with IVAR, they come together once again on new single ‘In Plain Site’ alongside releasing their long-awaited album project ‘Pleasure Centre’.

A culmination of two years of hard work since their critically acclaimedJuicy Fruit’ LP, sixth studio album ‘Pleasure Centre’ is the first Kraak & Smaak LP to be released via their own label Boogie Angst. Featuring on the album, ‘In Plain Site’ is laced with the tripped out, West Coast vibrations synonymous with Kraak & Smaak, teamed with IVAR’s soulful voice, they create a wholly euphoric vibe.

A record packed with breezy West Coast feeling, ‘Pleasure Centre’ fuses classic 70’s and 80’s yacht rock, dream pop and indie influences with their signature electronic funk sound, landing between funky dancefloor focused jams and more relaxed downtempo affairs. Alongside the production talents of Kraak & Smaak, this new album project is brought together by the friendships and collaborations they have kept over their career so far, many of whom bring their own natural West Coast feeling as LA residents.

Opening the album, title track ‘Pleasure Centre’ unveils chilled out positive vibrations, similar to that heard later in ‘Guilty Discomforts’ feat. Wolfgang Valbrun and ‘Naked’ feat. IVAR & Berenice van Leer, setting the scene for the rest of the album. Bringing sunny poolside vibes, previous singles ‘Don’t Want This To Be Over’ feat. Satchmode and ‘Same Blood’ feat. The Palms add uplifting, psychedelic sounds with a hearty blend of musicianship and pop mentality.

Yet, it wouldn’t be a Kraak & Smaak album if they didn’t provide us with some dancefloor focused tracks. Heavy on emotive vocals and strong funky disco elements ‘Say The Word’ feat. Nic Hanson, ‘Sweet Time’ feat. Izo FitzRoy and ‘24HR Fling’ feat. Wolfgang Valbrun add the final flourish of sentiments deeply rooted within the Kraak & Smak sound. With a string of influences in terms of era’s and styles ‘Pleasure Centre’ has a mix of ingredients with a number of vocalists and vibes, sure to leave the listener feeling both uplifted and peaceful.

Kraak & Smaak’s ‘Pleasure Centre’ LP is out now on Boogie Angst


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