Kyiv-based producer and rave hero Koloah has been a hugely influential figure in his local scene for more than a decade, responsible for pushing the reputation of Kyiv’s rave culture to a global scale. Producing music under a number of different guises, his music has always spoken of the raw energy that runs through the Kyiv underground. He now lands with his brand new ‘Borderlines’ EP on newly founded Kyiv label, 1000xxPlace (Thousand Kisses Place), that focuses on pushing breakbeat in varying forms. Koloah’s first outing on the label follows the strong debut of label co-founder, Hidden Element with ‘Comparisons’ EP.

Taking inspiration from Greek mythology and his own observations of our planet, Koloah explores the existence and often blurred function of ‘Borderli nes’ on his new EP. Offering a transcendent message of mindfulness, punctuated by contrasting eerie breakbeats and bright textures.

“I’ve been thinking about borderlines a lot lately. The lines that separate the world, separating good and evil, separating life and death; why some of them are thinner than others. How crucial it is to get rid of some boundaries and accept others, in order to evolve and improve your creative freedom.” - Koloah

Emerging with airy melodies, iridescent arpeggios and near-meditative breakbeat on ‘Elysium’, Koloah plays with the Ancient Greek idea of ‘Paradise’, before delving into otherworldly club-centered moods on ‘Borderline’ with misty synths and dense rhythms. Elsewhere, the suspenseful ‘Deep Blue’, brings together heady beats and glistening synth sequences, whilst ‘Stelakis’ offers a playful collage of glitched percussive sounds and idyllic notes.

Escaping genre boundaries throughout ‘Borderlines’ EP, the work of Koloah is complimented by two remixes from comrades Hidden Element and Nocow. Label co-founder, Hidden Element serves up a hearty 136 BPM hardcore rework of title track, ‘Borderline’; bringing in sure UK bass and jungle influence. From Russia, Gost Zvuk crews Nocow closes out the EP with a thick electro mix of ‘Deep Blue’.

Seeking to push his musical vision further than ever before, the tracks encased within Koloah’s ‘Borderlines’ EP stand as both a collection of club-ready hitters and pieces of sonic storytelling.

Koloah’s ‘Borderlines’ EP is out now on 1000xxPlace



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