Known as the home of death metal, Sweden has always been a rich metal scene no matter the genre of the metal spectrum we're talking about, and one of Sweden's most recent exports, which goes by the name of Knogjärn, shows how true that can be. With "Marscherar & Förstör", the band's upcoming full-length, both the country and the band itself shows that Sweden can also be the home of metalcore.

With lyrics in swedish, getting outside the nordic borders should be seen as a tougher job, but here the music speaks for itself in its universal language that every metalhead understands. Although you can label this as "metalcore", there's more to it than just this often depreciative label; you can find a punk-ish aggressiveness and that groove which was present on the latest releases from Pantera.

Even if you're not a fan of the genre, I trust "Marscherar & Förstör" will be a pleasant surprise as they are not just your next metalcore band. They are far way better than that!

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