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Another year, another spring. The world might still be burning, but at least the sun has graced the north with longer days and shorter nights.

Sänka Dig was initially intended for Knogjärn's previous album “Mera Bedövning”, but it never really fit in. Somethings in life just need a little more time before they fall into place.

So, after letting it rest for a while, Knogjärn chose to have another look at Sänka Dig and this time they managed to weld into perfection. Now, one year after "Mera Bedövning", Knogjärn is finally ready to release this little feisty beast, with an accompanying music video!

Look at is as little gift for the loyal fans to enjoy in the spring sun, while our guys are working on their next album, giving blood, sweat and tears.

Listen to the single here:

On Sänka Dig, Knogjärn comment:
"You know the feeling of talking to deaf ears. The frustration of trying to help someone who refuses to listen. Sometimes the only thing you can do is “let go” and let karma do its job.
This song puts into words the emptiness you feel when you’re witnessing someone ruin their own life and all you can do is watch"

FFO: Everything raw, heavy, and hard.

With its explicit Swedish lyrics and an emphasis on the “Hard” in Hard Rock, the unique sub-genre of Swedish Hard Rock is something you’ve got to love.

Knogjärn are a band with their heart and soul buried deep within this genre. Their take on melodic hard rock combined with heavier elements from hardcore and metal makes Knogjärn into the perfect music to shake of yesterday and move into the future with.

Pumping up the listener and turning everyone into a true Swedish Hard Rock fan.

Since the start in 2015, Knogjärn has delivered nothing but sonic raging anger with an unapologetic, IN-YOUR-FACE attitude. The foursome drops super-charged records, but they hit even harder when on stage: “We want you to like our live performance even if you don´t like our music”, the band states. Their records are the testimony that Knogjärn always give 100%! Hard’n’heavy riffs with raging vocals and explicit lyrics speak beyond their vernacular, beloved by their ever-growing crowd of fans.

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