U.S. punk rockers Knocked Down signed a deal with Wormholedeath for the distribution of their upcoming album "Anything But Luck". "Anything But Luck" will be out on 19 02 2021via Wormholedeath Worldwide.

Band statement: "We seriously could not be more thrilled to sign with Worm Hole Death and get this album way further out to people than we ever could.

This album really means alot to us. There was quite literally blood, sweat and tears that went into the making. That might be cliche to say but, Tony and I have gone through alot together leading up to this. So, we thought calling the album, "Anything But Luck" was very fitting. We worked very hard on these songs. When Worm Hole Death said they wanted to re release our album, it was a no brainer, really. Very excited to be apart of the family and to see where this goes! "

1. Long gone

2. Shattered

3. The Problem

4. Left and Empty

5. Lost Letter

6. Take Me Away

7. Don't Be Afraid

8. I Fucked Up

9. Frozen

10. Real You

11. Mixed Emotions

12. First Memories

"Anything But Luck" Teaser Video

Knocked Down - Album Teaser - YouTube

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