While some bands may need years for a new album, heavy psych rockers KING BUFFALO used the past dark year of Covid creatively wise, and just announced the release of three new records in 2021! Yep, you've heard right. Three.

KING BUFFALO is the trio of vocalist/guitarist Sean McVay, bassist Dan Reynolds, and drummer Scott Donaldson. Since forming in 2013, the self-proclaimed "heavy psych" band has made its name via 4 EPs, 2 Full-lengths, and tours with the likes of The Sword, All Them Witches, and Elder.

Their upcoming, three new albums will be released during 2021, via self-release throughout North America and in Europe through Stickman Records.

The band recently oversaw the release of Live at Freak Valley as a follow-up to their early-2020 EP, Dead Star. By now the narrative of group-who-should’ve-spent-all-of-2020-touring-but-didn’t should be well familiar, but KING BUFFALO made exceptional use of the time. As Donaldson explained in a recent interview with The Obelisk, they actually had enough to use for four albums and decided to whittle it down to three.

This does nothing less than set KING BUFFALO up to potentially own the year, especially with the way they’re going about it. Each of the three albums will be recorded in a different manner and setting, so that while they’re using songs written during the same span of lockdown months, the presentation of each LP will inherently be different because the experience behind it will be different.

Says the band: "That's not a typo, and we know it sounds crazy, but yes, we will be releasing THREE FULL-LENGTH RECORDS in 2021!

It’s all new material and we’re really excited to finally be able to tell you. Since Covid stopped all touring, we’ve been hard at work and made the commitment to not waste this time.
We can’t give you all the details, but each record will be distinct. We’ve chosen different methods to record and produce each one, and we will share that info with you in the coming months.
The artwork and single from the first record will be announced in a few weeks. So sit tight. There’s going to be a lot of new tunes coming and we can’t wait for you to hear them!

For a deeper dive, check out Scott’s interview over at https://theobelisk.net/ .“
Stay tuned for many more album details and news to be revealed in the months ahead, as one can be sure, 2021 will be definitely owned by KING BUFFALO!

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