We're happy to have our friends from Everything Is Noise for the premiere of the new single and video Bad Conscience Blues from freak-folkersKenneth Minor! Bad Conscience Blues is the first single from new album On My Own, out September 20, 2019 on Unique Records (Blackberries, Love Machine, Suzan Köcher...). The video was produced at IMM Studio one and directed by Noël Lardon.

In this song, Kenneth Minor mastermind Christiani reflects upon his early childhood days being raised as one of three kids. The events described in the lyrics seem as grotesque as they seem to be real. The tension between childhood idyll and criticism of educational methods is conveyed by the marshy heavy and bluesy sound, which again and again leaves room for melodious lightness...

Album info

Kenneth Minor presents his third, previously unreleased, album. After two highly-acclaimed longplayers In That They Can Not Help It (2010) and Phantom Pain Reliever (2017), performances at home and abroad (from Wiesbaden to London) and the Innocent Award 2017 in the category "Best Singer Songwriter“ in his pocket, Kenneth Minor introduces his probably most multi-facetted album under the title On My Own, without losing the common theme: stomping folk blues, picking wrested from the fingertips, swamp, warm, fuzzy and soulful electric guitar riffs with punk attitude and incisive slide guitar, minimalist style, relaxed folk, idiosyncratic beat in a contemporary sound design - without appearing clichéd. His melodious character voice, supported by harmonious choir singing, oscillates between fragile expressiveness and self-assured announcements, paints poetic-linguistic images of the inner and outer world and spans the contentual arc between autobiographical experience and social criticism.


1. Age Of Reason

2. Fed Up

3. Wrap Up A Deal

4. On My Own

5. True

6. Happy Man

7. Bad Conscience Blues

8. Breach

9. Hidden Berries

10. Dash Of Sadness

11. Girl From Berlin

12. My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue)


  • 29.06. Wiesbaden, Wakker Festival
  • 27.07. Breitenbach, Burg Herzberg Festival
  • 02.10. Nürnberg, Z-Bau Festival
  • 04.10. Viechtach, Altes Spital
  • 05. 10. Hof, Galeriehaus
  • 09.10. Mannheim, Kulturbrücken Jungbusch
  • 10.10. Leipzig, Noch Besser Leben
  • 11.10. Wiesbaden, Schlachthof (Albumpräsentation)
  • 31.10. Wetzlar, Café Vinyl
  • 01.11. Chemnitz, Aaltra
  • 19.11. Darmstadt, Schlosskeller
  • 21.11. Mainz, Schick & Schön

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