It has now been four years since our return to earth in "2020 back to earth". There we had found a cold and inhospitable place, humanity was inexorably channeled on the path to extinction. We therefore decided to flee immediately in search of another planet where we could dwell.

We therefore came to New Babylon, a planet inhabited by humanoids but also by monstrous and ravenous creatures. There are "giants" that march about raising immense clouds of dust, stealing and plundering everything from people. Giants much like our corporations, they know no defeat and have no weaknesses, at least apparent ones.

There are old warriors like Jarek who wait for war to feel like heroes, to feel alive. They find their dimension within the battle, where the line between hero and assassin magically blurs. There are pyramids erected by men who think they are gods and turn the things life gives them into weapons and death, changing their use and meaning. Little men who think themselves omnipotent, burying knowledge of how life works under piles of lies.

We find a myriad of slaves, surrendered to live in huge troughs. They toil at nothing and find meaning in nothing. They prefer a convenient lie to an inconvenient truth.

In short, we realize that we have arrived in a world very much like Earth. We are aliens but in a certain way we feel at home. We want to know, to understand, to evolve. We don't recognize ourselves in this deceived humanity, we don't give in, we believe. Nature, life is wonderful but when one thing loses its usefulness life gently explains to it that it is time to make room for something else. This existence has already explained to the dinosaurs.

Kayleth continues their journey, never stopping because who seeks will find itself."

Album tracklisting:

1. The Throne
2. The Night
3. Giants’ March
4. Weak Heart
5. Megalodon
6. New Babylon’s Wall
7. We Are Aliens
8. Cyber Slaves
9. Pyramids

Kayleth were born in Verona in 2005 and their sound is inspired by the stoner/desert rock of Kyuss, Monster Magnet and 37005 with space influences. Their gigs capture with space

sounds, doom and psychedelic breaks and this permits band to share the stage with OJM, Deville, Bud Spencer Blues Explosion, Verdena, Naam, Spiral Arms, Scorpion Child and Stoned Jesus.A new element and his synthesizer arrived on 2013 so Kayleth started to explore new sounds approaching space/psychedelic landscapes and record the new full-length "Space Muffin" released in 2015 by Argonauta Records. In June 2017, the American label Ripple Music included songs from EP "The Survivor" and the unpublished "Magneta" in the vinyl split "Second Coming of Heavy Chapter 6".

After the great success of "Space Muffin", the extended version "Rusty Edition" with songs of the EP "Rusty Gold" has been published in July 2017. The band has published "Colossus" album in 2018 and "2020 Back to Earth" in 2020.

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