On June 22nd, as the sun set over the city of Antwerp, Juanes, the Colombian troubadour, ignited a fiery celebration in the heart of De Roma. It was a night where the echoes of his "Europa Tour 2024" filled the walls of the iconic theater with a symphony of Latin American rhythms and rock tones.

Juanes, a name synonymous with the soul of Spanish-language music, returned to Belgium, a country that has welcomed him with open arms. His tour, a variation of his Vida Cotidiana tour, was a musical journey that took the audience through his over 20-year solo career, introducing new songs from his latest album, "Vida Cotidiana," which recently earned him 2 Latin Grammys.

Juanes' musical odyssey began with the band Ekhymosis, where he led as vocalist and guitarist from 1988 to 1997. Transitioning from thrash metal to a unique fusion of genres paved the way for his solo career, blending rock with traditional Latin American rhythms.

Despite the language barrier, Juanes made every effort to communicate with the audience in both Spanish and English. It was a moment of pure humanity, showcasing the power of music to transcend borders and connect hearts.

The tour's setlist also includes tributes to traditional Colombian folk rhythms such as "Sin Medir Distancias," a vallenato by Diomedes Díaz, and "Rebelión," a salsa masterpiece by Joe Arroyo. The audience in Antwerp also savored "Querida," a heartfelt homage to the legendary Mexican musician Juan Gabriel.

The concert in Antwerp was a vibrant celebration featuring the 22 songs of the standard tour format plus some additions fueled by the audience's energy, such as the inclusion of 'La Bamba,' where a dozen fans took the stage to dance with him.

In addition to showcasing some of his new songs, the audience enjoyed traditional hits like 'La Camisa Negra,' 'Mala Gente,' and 'A Dios le Pido.' The notable absence in Antwerp was precisely what led to the most emotional moment of the Brussels concert: 'La Tierra.' This highlights the difference between these two performances of the same tour. One was almost a personal experience in a cozy atmosphere, the other a joyful celebration of integration among music lovers, it was an energetic Fiesta.

Juanes' performance in Antwerp was a testament to his enduring appeal and his message of harmonious coexistence. It was a celebration filled with emotion, energy, and a shared love for music that transcends borders, languages, and cultures.

Juanes ended the concert with his already traditional phrase: "Once again, your servant bids farewell, Juan Esteban Aristizábal, from Medellín, Colombia, to the world."

Until next time, Parce.

Marcela Ardila

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