Italian sonic innovators JoyCut release new singleNOVEMBRE13_’, alongside two music videos taken fromTaller Than The Trees” – a documentary by American filmmaker Megan Mylan.

“Taller Than the Trees” is the story of Masami Hayata, a Tokyo man who painstakingly and delicately balances his roles as an advertising executive, father, husband, devoted son, and caregiver to his own ailing elderly mother.
 Both “Taller Than the Trees” and NOVEMBRE13_’ trace a groove of rare sensitivity, evoking the spirit of height, longevity, slowness, fragility, silence, and ethereal detachment from the transient substratum of earthly affairs.

Themes with which the entire forthcoming album THEBLUWAVE” ’s work is imbued, and to which it is dedicated, and which in this dual video version are offered yet another critical food for thought.

The much-discussed documentary was featured by the New York Times and presented at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival. It won multiple awards at film festivals around the world.

‘TheBluWave [TimesWhenSilenceIsAPoem - TheIceHasMelted - AndBleedingGlaciersFormOurTears]_’, is a double album, 76 minutes of music divided into four acts over four sides on vinyl, “dedicated to those who love to linger on the ways of introversion. Explorations dedicated to the experience of abstraction, disorientation, travel, return,” says the band. An elaboration process that goes from their sold-out Venice Biennale show to the exclusive performance during Robert Smith’s Meltdown.


1- TheFirstSong_

2- Darwin_

3- Ungaretti_

4- SAUN_

5- Novembre13_

6- BluTokyo_

7- ThePlasticWhale_

8- Komorebi_

9- Francis&Violet_

10- Lisantrope_

11- Siberia [BeforeTheFlood]_

12- Antropocene_

13- Plato|SHIRAKABA [TheSmileOfTheSun]_

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