Hailing from the red planet, a mysterious creature crawls forth from the farthest depths of the earth to observe the denizens of Earth to decide their ultimate fate, drawn by the curious nuance of human life he seeks to understand the human race… either to help them find salvation or destruction in their greatest and most universal creation: Music. That creature is Jon of Mars and he is the hero in this grandiose space epic that combines odd time signatures, crunchy riffs, and radical lyrics telling of Earth through an alien’s eyes. The second single off the upcoming debut album “Songs from Nowhere” is “Misinformed Nation” in which our hero uncovers the state of online politics. Vocalist and guitarist Barrett Holcomb explains:

“This is a song about the absolutely ridiculous state of American politics during the last six years and the COVID pandemic and how the internet made things so fucking bad. We decided to do a fusion song with funk as the roots. I rolled dice to decide time signatures and the BPM, so really the universe decided how this song was going to sound!”

The exhilaration and rationality of online politics isnät the only thing that this alien experiences over the course of the album, he also encounters vanity, jealousy, cannabis, and tragedy which he dictates alongside groovy prog metal.

Strange and upbeat Jon of Mars is confident that fans far and wide will love the kickass grooves and find themselves immersed in strange sound spaces. There is something for everyone, especially those who enjoy Korn, Down, and Mudvayne.

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