Italy’s Tytus, the powerhouse heavy metal quartet hailing from the depths of the European underground scene, is set to reignite the flames of metal with the re-release of their album “Rises” on April 22nd on Kornalcielo Records. Originally released in October 2016, “Rises” garnered widespread acclaim for its electrifying blend of classic metal influences and modern ferocity. Now, Tytus is geared up to take the metal world by storm, starting with an EU tour with Thunderor in May (dates listed below). The band shares their excitement:

“Our aim is to take the listener through a journey from the first to the last track, without letting him go until the end. For this reason, we like to use drones and different special sounds to link songs together, trying to create the perfect atmosphere to introduce each one of them.”

Tytus started out quite clearly as an NWOBHM band, but they quickly added different flavours to it: some thrash, some speed, a bit of psychedelic, and a lot of rock and roll. Not ones to copycat, they try to coherently add all of their music influences and experiences into their black cauldron, in order to give their potions a distinctively and unique taste.

The band adds that a heavy metal live show is all about energy and attitude, and there are plenty of both. When they play live, they do it like there won’t be a day after like it is going to be the ultimate experience for everybody, and people can feel it. They connect, it ignites an emotional mutual feedback, and… Boom! While rising from the mud of 80's hard rock, the four-headed monster stomps its big feet in the swamps of stoner rock with the urgency of punk rock. Tytus can be seen live on the following dates and is highly recommended for fans of Night Demon, Enforcer, and Skull Fist.

The re-release date for “Rises” is April 22, 2024 on Kornalcielo Records and will be available at the following links:

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