Twisted Mind is an eclectic metal band influenced by a kaleidoscope of different musicians and bands that have inspired guitarist Dan Saliman, an Israeli musician of Yemenite and Moroccan-based heritage who grew up in a home where oriental music was frequently played. The band’s debut EP “From Slave To Prophet” is almost ready for ears, and ahead of its December release there is a second music video for fans to enjoy “Long Live Rock & Roll”, which the band details:

This song was actually born twice, two band members wrote the lyrics, and both of them took different approaches to the song’s title. We love the naivety of the song’s concept – our big yet simple hope, to love our daily creations, making music our main activity, and live a rock & roll lifestyle. The music that surrounds this song has tons of awesome guitar riffs and powerful melodies, and something like three and a half tons of Middle Eastern instruments such as Oud and Bouzouki spicing it up and creating one tasty dish.”

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As for the EP “From Slave To Prophet”, the band explains that it is a simple yet interesting experience; on one hand you can hear the strong and powerful metal shredding guitars, and on the other – simple and catchy melodies and hooks from more “mainstream” musical genres. To round it all off with their signature flair, they spice it up with beautiful enchanting oriental parts taken from their ancestor’s Middle Eastern and African heritage.

Twisted Mind strives to be a band that will break the glass ceiling of musical genres. Their eclectic blend of modern Israeli oriental power metal is recommended for fans of Muse, Dhafer Youssef, and Linkin Park. The official video for “Long Live Rock & Roll” is out now and the EP comes out on December 9, 2022.

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