Formed during the quarantine of the COVID-19 pandemic, Invisible Control is a death metal supergroup that brings together great artists from the Brazilian heavy music scene. The band made their debut during the 6th edition of the “Roadie Crew Online Festival”, where they presented the single “Killing Other of Us”. Now they are releasing exclusively the song "Cold Blood", the first single from the new album, which had an exclusive premiere at Cuartel Del Metal, one of the biggest sites in Latin America.

Invisible Control chose this song to be the first release because it has a very strong relationship with the band's current experiences and how their attitudes or lack of them can cause very serious and even irreparable damage. “'Cold Blood' is a song that talks about cryogenics”, explains vocalist Daniela Serafim, “has a double meaning, in addition to talking about all the processes a person goes through when going through cryogenics, until their body thaws and can go back to life. In the lyrics, we make an analogy with the uncertain or perhaps non-existent future that awaits us. As if we are living under the power of alienation and at some point we are going to ask ourselves 'who was I and who am I really?' 'Could I have done more to change anything?' Where humanity is further accused of having made the wrong choices of our rulers”.

The name of the song "Cold Blood" in addition to referring to the cold blood (in the literal sense) of cryogenics, refers to the cold blood of rulers, who promise a better future and for that they use hate speeches, preach prejudice and death. And the result is a hopeless future, a dead future.

“Cold Blood” is now available on all digital platforms. Check out the official video lyric below:

Featuring a blend of technique, aggressiveness, melody, and intensity without sticking to labels, Invisible Control has become a solid project that will continue the career beyond the pandemic era. It is one of the revelations of national death metal, which features a woman in front of the vocals, Daniela Serafim, Her vocal style is insane includes both growling and clean vocals. With lyrics that address political-religious issues, phobias and torments that afflict human beings, Invisible Control is one of the great bets of extreme metal.

The band is currently in the studio for the production of their debut album, which will feature eight copyrighted tracks, and is preparing for the release of the track "Behind The Wall of Sleep", a tribute to Black Sabbath, which is expected to be released to the end of 2021.

  • Genre: Death Metal
  • Videoclip producer: Alcides Burn
  • Recording: Dennys Parentes (Bodex Records)
  • Mixing and mastering: Dennys Parentes (Bodex Records)
  • Artwork: Alcides Burn
  • Photo: Thiago Linhares

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