Formed in 1996, Indulgence has consistently drawn inspiration from legendary bands such as Slayer, Metallica, Exodus, Prong, Iron Maiden, Endor, and Rebaelliun, forging a unique sound that has evolved over the years.

"Grim Times" encapsulates the band's journey through lineup changes and musical evolution. The album, recorded after a period of instability and health challenges within the band, marks a return to form for Indulgence. The current lineup includes Jack van Duin on guitar, Michiel Wesseling on drums, Leo Remmelzwaal on vocals, Vincent van Duijn on bass, and James Schot on guitar.

Indulgence has a rich history within the thrash metal scene, beginning with their debut album "Between Two Worlds" in 1999, followed by "Plain Anger" in 2006, and "Darkside" in 2018. Each album reflected the band's growth and resilience. "Grim Times" continues this tradition, offering a raw and powerful thrash metal experience that remains true to their roots while showcasing their current musical prowess.

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